RAMSTA 8GB DDR4 2666 GHZ Memory


ram-ram- 8gb-ddr4-2666 

SKU: ram-ram- 8gb-ddr4-2666 Category:
  • Brand: Ramsta
  • Capacity: 8gb
  • Frequency: 2666mhz
  • Color: Red/Grey
  • Suitable for: Desktop
  • Features:
  • Good manufacturing appearance
  • High performance IC chip
  • Ramsta Sirius series DDR4 desktop memory is designed for the sixth and seventh generation ItenlCore processing to achieve overclocking
  • The one-piece aluminum cutting tool is shaped into a button and the exquisite craftsmanship of the seamless connection of the products ensures that the appearance of the product is round and delicate.
  • Innovative micro-knitting space design increases the service life and the metal plug-in performance is stable
  • Auto Dual Channel (if paired)


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