Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

  1. Customers have the full right to cancel their orders should they deem to do so. Granting that the orders are still under the pending status, the option will be available on the “My Orders” section.
  2. Once the order has been tagged as fulfilled, cancellation can no longer be requested via the “My Orders” section. Should customers encounter this, they may send EasyPC a chat via the EasyPC website, Facebook page or email
  3. Cancellation may no longer be requested once the item is out for delivery. Delivery rescheduling can be arranged for special instances. Customers may need to reach out to EasyPC should there be a need to reschedule the delivery.
  4. Orders may be cancelled by EasyPC due to the following reasons.
    • a. The item/s turned out to be out of stock.
    • b. Failed delivery
    • c. Order is classified to be fraudulent.
    • d. Other cases when orders cannot be fulfilled (i.e. out of stock items, preorder items no longer available)

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